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Pomegrams are the Fruit Computer variants of Programs


Pomegrams are hot pink programs that have the top thingy on pomegranates

They often have slices taken out of 'em because of Malgosteens And Durises

they are also smaller than prettygrams, so yes they are tiny


quick fists because they are programs, but they can also fire weak projectiles based on pomegranate seeds, with the bytes being able to fire much quicker than other classes yes that does mean sometimes Pomegram bytes are used as miniguns


They have small, hot pink Hearts that taste like pomegranates (obviously), and also are commonly made into various foods and drinks for corruptions


  • They originally resembled grapefruits, but then were updated to more resemble pomegranates
  • I only added the pomegranate seed projectile thing because it fits and also I like the concept of some random program using a byte as a gun