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Infectruses are a conditional variant of Viruses that usually live in the Cell Computer.

These are the standard class Infectruses.


Infectruses are the viruses of the Cell Computer. They used to be standard viruses until the computer they were in became the Cell Computer.


Standard Infectruses are the same size as standard Bacteriwares and Cellgrams, with the same proportions too. Infectruses have the same body shapes as standard Viruses, but with rounded edges. They are red in color, with strange blue stick things comming out all around their bodies. These blue things have roundish spheres on the end.


Infectruses have the same abilities/weapons that standard Viruses have, but they are weaker.

The blue things that come off of Infectruses are somewhat "sticky" and things can get stuck on them. Usually the Infectruses can controll this.

Notable Infectruses

  • Unnamed Infectrus Leader
  • (WIP)

Infectrus Brawlers are, as the name sugests, the brawler class variants for Infectruses.


Infectrus Brawlers are the Virus Brawlers of the Cell Computer. They used to be standard Virus brawlers until the computer they were in became the Cell Computer.


Infectrus Brawlers' body shapes are the same as standard Virus Brawlers, exept they are rounded. They have the same colors as standard Infectruses and they also have the same strange blue things too.


Infectrus Brawlers have the same abilities that standard Virus Brawlers do, though they are weaker.

Notable Infectrus Brawlers

  • None (WIP)


More Facts/Info

  • The Infectrus' designs are inspired by the appearence of some viruses (Not the computer type).
  • Infectruses used to have wildly different designs to what they have now.
    • The old designs were inspired by the appearences of Bacteriophages.
  • Infectruses were the only Cell Computer base team character to not really have their color pallate chosen out while they were being drawn. How they got their colors was just wowashlynn randomly putting two colors together, and then she thought the colors were fine enough.

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