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Doodware is a self insert of DoodlyGamerAlt and really hates bees (hates wasps more).


Russo's Sword

Russo's Sword - Has 2 modes a slash or a ground slam, behaves same as hardware's greatsword except you can switch between modes of ground slam and swing and also shorter range

Knowledge Shot - Shoots a random effect projectile


Green = Heal (only can be used on allies)

Yellow = Normal (sentry beam)

Red = Fire (does a fire effect like afterburn)

Pink = Slow (self explanatory)

Purple = Homing (shoots a spark similar too bluescreen's white spark and doublepulsar's yellow green spark which each home)

Orange = High Jump (boosts you high into the air similar too gruel and happy99 while having a big explosion radius that inflicts fire)

Rainbow = Fling (also self explanatory)

colors end here

Honey Shot - buffed and recolored silk shot from Arachnid

Doodware Appearance

Doodware is green, they have a yellow basic book on their head. They have 2 trapezoid robot lookin' things, one of them with a microphone. The trapezoids also have cords. They have shoulder pads. They have a block eye. They have a t-shirt with an 8 and 6 stars on it, from which the shoulderpads come from.


They are very comedic, but they can still be angry sometimes. People really nag him around.



Woah, adventuregram


More like malgram

Bobot Man

R.i.p, he couldnt drink chocolate milk.


Is it just me, or is this malware always angry?


Your kinda like me, laughin' around.

Vedali234/Malware Wizard

No more context is needed.



Hey, that portrait looks pretty cool!


bruh you copied shoeroc from databrawl+ get outta here wit cho beatboxin butt


  • They had a pixel hat similar too a certain flag hat, but this was removed later on. This can be seen again on DoodlyGamerAlt's scratch profile picture (DoodwareDatabrawl).


None (technically)