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If you want to read the Manual of Style of the wiki, visit this page.
We are glad that you've reached the Rules page. This page is really important because, since this is a wiki everyone can edit, this wiki enforces rules. In addition to the rules, the wiki also follows the FANDOM Community Guidelines, which you can read here.
This wiki enforces a three-strike system, whereas if you refuse to listen to your warnings, you'll be blocked after the third and last request. This wiki also features minor warnings named "Reminders". Reminders do not have a count limit. Some cases of reminders are for example necroposting, begging for staff, minor spam etc.
In conclusion, please listen to staff and read FANDOM's Community Guidelines.


General Rules

  • Use your common sense. However, refraining from common sense in a satirical way is allowed.
  • Posting sexual content will result in an immediate 1 year block.
  • This is an English wiki, so please do not speak in another language.
  • Do not ask for staff here. The staff and bureaucrats will decide if you should be.
  • Do not mini-mod. Basically mini-modding is when your moderating someone who breaks a rule when you aren't a part of our moderation team at all. Instead of mini-modding, please report your case to the admins.
  • No discrimination/hate speech.
  • Alt accounts in general, are fine. However, do not ban evade/sockpuppet through creating alternate accounts. Your block on the wiki will be extended, and your caught/suspected alternate accounts will be blocked.
  • Do not scam or post harmful links. Your replies will be removed and you will be permanently blocked.
  • Do not cause drama within the community. You'll be blocked until you're seen calmed down.
  • No wiki raids. You're basically gonna cause some trouble within both the communities.
  • Do not impersonate.
  • Do not dox/stalk. Basically, doxxing is basically like leaking someone's personal information or IP address. If you do this, you will be blocked permanently and the reply mentioning the dox will be removed.
  • If your username or profile picture contains offensive/suggestive content, you'll be permanently banned until you change either your profile picture or username.
  • Do not mention notorious NSFW artists here.

Editing Rules

  • Vandalism is strongly prohibited here. You will be immediately blocked for 1 week - 1 year depending on the severity. All types of vandalism prohibited here are listed below;
    • Intentionally swapping images with another image that is not related to the older version of the picture counts as vandalism.
    • Intentionally deleting most important information on a page is deemed severe and will result in an immediate 2-week block.
    • Making a page which has nothing to do with Databrawl in any way (e.g. a page of burritos copied and pasted from Wikipedia)
    • Writing false information to someone's creation.
    • If you do not like someone's page, then just don't view it. Do not erase all content from someones page, otherwise you'll be blocked for 1 week.
  • Please ask a user if they allow you to edit their profile page. If you do vandalize someone's profile page, you'll be warned. You can edit their profile page in some cases that is not vandalism though.
  • Do not achievement farm. This is basically a move in which you grind edits to get achievements so you can be #1 on the leaderboard so you can be "famous".
  • Most infamous users on the wiki tend to have their creations deleted after being blocked.
  • If you are counting a number that exceeds 1 million, write it something like "3.32 million". Otherwise, write it in the standard form like 3,320,000.
  • Do not edit someone else's page without their permission unless it is grammar corrections or stuff. Staff are allowed to edit every page without permission.

Image Rules

  • Name all images properly. For example, if you have a character named "Bob the Program", you should name the image of Bob the Program like "Bob-The-Program.png". If we see an image that is named something like "HSasGDsjakdwa.png", we will rename the particular picture so users can search the particular image quickly. However, if you are on mobile, it is fine.
  • Do not post poor or blurry pictures. However, this is accepted in particular cases.
  • Do not steal someone's art. This is basically breaking the copyright law and you will be blocked for 1 month if you use too many stolen art.

Message Wall/Comment Rules

  • Please do not swear anywhere on this wiki. (Reminder that damn, hell, badass etc; are not swear words.)
  • Do not harass other people, or you'll get warned.
    • Do not disagree an opinion by just harassing the user. You are allowed to disagree with some else's opinion, but please put kindness into your opinion, and not blatant harassment.
    • Please listen to other users' requests, like if they want you to stop something that is not generally appropriate here.
  • If your report that you sent to admins is false, you will be warned. (Except if it was misidentified)
  • It is suggested not to necropost at times. Basically necroposting is replying to a thread that has been considered abandoned after a long while. Necroposts are allowed if an old thread really needs an answer.
    • A necropost is counted if a thread/comment is a month old or older.
  • Do not spam.
    • 8 comments in a comment chain is alright, but more than 8 comments in a comment chain counts as spam.

Staff Rules

  • Do not abuse your power.
  • Delete pages that are considered as vandalism or spam.
  • If you have seen a staff member breaking a rule, contact FarmerBill or Dr. DreyJaden.
  • Do not block people for no reason.
  • If you are a bureaucrat, do not give other people powers for no reason unless they are trustworthy.
  • If you are dealing with bad bureaucrats, read this blog post for advice.