Databrawl Fan Ideas Wiki
On this page, there are all of the uses of the subforums on the Discussions. Here are all of them and their uses. Posts with wrong categories will be replaced if needed.


General talk, most of the posts belong here.


Here you can talk about anything, including things on another wiki, lifestyle, sports, etc.


Subforum name self-explanatory, post your art right here!


Post or talk about memes, however they can also be on the "Off-Topic" subforum.


Polls can be placed on this category, but like the "Memes" subforum, they don't necessarily need to be on this category.

News & Announcements

News and announcements from mostly staff, mostly rule changes or other stuff.


On this subforum, you can roleplay, and have fun doing stuff.

Fun & Games

Here, you can create fun games for others to play, like "Guess that profile picture".


Need help with something? You don't know how to do something in a game or you are a newcomer on this wiki? Ask the community!

Suggestions & Ideas

You can suggest other creators some characters or other stuff here.