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Welcome the Manual of Style page. Basically, this page is a guideline on how to structure your pages. This is required for all pages, and is obliged to be followed. This is basically the rules for pages.

Page Creation Rules

  • Make pages related to Databrawl. (Any pages unrelated to Databrawl will be deleted)
  • Try to connect pages to Databrawl's lore. This is not needed, but should be anyways.
  • Use good grammar. (not necessarily needed)
  • Do not put random stuff in your page's title.
  • If you are in the process of creating a new page, please do not name it like "WIP". Instead, name like you wanted it to be named.
  • While creating a page, put a category like "Made by USERNAME". This makes people know who made a particular character. This is not needed though.
  • Make sure your page is top-notch and HD. Low-quality pages will be deleted.
    • If you don't want your page to be deleted because it's low quality, please add the "ArticleUnderConstruction" template.
  • Pages must have an infobox. We recommend you using DBFI_CharacterInfobox.
  • Pages must have at least 50 to 75 words.
  • Pages must have at least one header and one category.

OC Page Rules

  • Try not to make a Mary Sue OC, give it flaws. For example: "Bob the Program has the ability kill two Corruptions at once using his powers, but after that, he has to recharge the powers, which will take an hour."
  • Don't use another person's OC without their permission.
  • If your character is a joke, please add the "Jokes" category.
  • Please do not make characters with extremely strong powers (e.g. Hellgram has the ability to launch punches, dealing 2189371238612371263817 damage.). These types of characters are called "Godware". If you are creating a character with godly powers, please add the "Godware" category.