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CPU is a data entity that likes helping allies,Especially other programs and motherboard herself.

And also,CPU means Central Processing Unit.

Abilities / Stats

He is strong and also has a Sword wich looks like a Hardware sword just with some changes.

He has 1000 Health and can regenerate at the speed of a brawler.He is Fast as a brawler.


  • CPU Changes color depending on how much power is being used. Red = Over 50%,Orange = Less than 50% ( normal ) And Yellow = Less than 1%
  • He helps preventing disasters and helping Friendly entities with the hard stuff.
  • It heats up when it works a lot. The color helps indicate the temperature.
  • He originally was an orange box thing but it was changed since it was... well let's say bad and with bad stats and info.
  • CPU's mostly go to software sweets,they like to eat software serve.
  • Unlike other hardware,he has no sword.
  • He can use his fists for self defense,they do 60 damage,if he is using less than 1% power is being used it can kill a corruption doing 100 damage.
  • Mini CPU's can get to 50% very quickly,since they require more power to do things at that state it might even damage them!
  • They are smart but it also needs power , it can keep them orange for a while.