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"0h, w3ll l00k wh0 1t 1s, th3 man wh0 t00k 3v3ryth1ng fr0m m3, pr0t0c0l D3STR0Y3R, y0u'r3 l1f3 w1ll b3 abs0rb3d t0 m3 and y0u w1ll n0t l1v3"


Speech Character Notes Feeling
"Y4 kn0w, 1'v3 n3v3r seen th1s guy, 0h 4nd, y0u 4r3 NOT 4 wh1tty c0py." M.V.B was right after ANOMALY: Rocket was contained, same with the other opinions. Neutral
"0h l00k, 1ts th4t n3wb13 th4t k33ps try1ng t0 c0nt41n m3." Hovvast obligated
"1 w0uld d3scr1b3 th1s "Plut0w4r3" 4s 4 v3ry c00l r0ck" Pebble said "1 w4nt n0 m0r3 0f th1s" after speech big brain time

Containment Protocol.

Neutral: Employees MUST keep shooting it until it faints, if they do not, it will go to a portal.

Angered: Employees MUST put soothing music, but be careful, this may or may not work because it would know the music is for a Containment Protocol.


ANOMALY: Rocket breached 2 times, the second being the most destructive, Employee Hovvast Hoveratia checked the first cell if ANOMALY: Rocket is still there. Recent report from employee Hovvast Hoveratia that ANOMALY: Rocket is nowhere to be found in the foundation, employees are thinking of what happened and wether ANOMALY: Rocket breached again without sight or it just distorted, though impossibloe as files were deleted, wether ANOMALY: Rocket recovered the files or just some impossibility.



Status unknown, but is possibly in the void, all employees must go on patrol to all areas outside foundation.